A Celebration of A Mother's Love: DCBF's Scholarship Fundraiser

Greetings DCBF Friends! As we kick off our Annual College Scholarship Competition, we're also celebrating the life of DCBF Founder's mother Carrie A. Dawson. 

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Greetings DCBF Friends! April 8th would be Darin’s 49th birthday. It’s astounding that nine years have gone by since his passing. If he were here, I think he would be very glad to have reached forty-nine years of age. He’d probably boast that 49 is the new 29 or something funny like that.

If he were here I’m sure we’d travel to the Caribbean, Asia, or perhaps on safari in South Africa. If there was chocolate cake and we were together, he’d be happy.

As I think about Darin’s birthday, I also reflect on the wonderful journey we’ve embarked on in founding The Darin C. Banks Foundation, (DCBF). It has been a labor of love, hard work and more gratifying than we could ever hope. DCBF has awarded over a dozen college scholarships, mentored more than 500 youth, cultivated relationships with high schools, universities, other non-profits and corporations across the U.S. DCBF has also provided internships for college students, developed a community of partners and supporters, offering encouraging and resourceful content to young people in the areas of college scholarships, financial literacy, interviewing skills, resume preparation, college success tips, career management, social media reputation and entrepreneurship, through our online channels, including streaming radio and via 1x1 outreach.

DCBF Scholars have matriculated to and graduated from Ivy League, Big Ten and distinguished private colleges and universities. They are emerging leaders working in the business, entertainment and social services industries. They volunteer in their hometowns and abroad, enriching their communities as global citizens. We believe in today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

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Ms. Carrie A. Dawson, mother of DCBF Founder Michelle Banks, passed away in 2015. During her life she worked tirelessly helping others through her church, serving in the mission ministry and in other auxiliaries. Ms. Dawson loved her son-in-love Darin Banks. She was an avid supporter of DCBF, volunteering her time and contributing financially to the growing organization. In honor of Ms. Dawson, please consider donating to DCBF.  All donations are tax deductible.

Happy Birthday Mommy! 


Michelle D. Banks

Founder & ED, The Darin C. Banks Foundation